Mapping the food and agricultural ecosystem across digital products and organizations shaping the future of food sustainability in a time of a global pandemic.

Illustrations by Maddy Beard

Earlier this summer amid San Francisco’s shelter in place, the nationwide protests of #BlackLivesMatter, and another quarterly remote meeting while working from home, I came across a proposal request stating: How do we destroy the poisonous paradigms seeping into all areas of our lives?

Like many of us on the world wide web, I left the tab open, carried on to my next task and went to bed. The difference this time is that I kept…

Case study improving the existing podcast experience by bringing users closer to the content they love.

Project Overview

After consecutive years of being a loyal user of Apple Podcast I started to notice a gap between competitive streaming services and Apple Podcast’s experience. This got me thinking, what use-cases could Apple Podcast expand to, that could take the podcast experience to a new and meaningful level?

The brief

How might Apple Podcast build a stronger streaming experience between listeners and their content that promotes organic discoveries and nudges long term engagement and satisfaction?

Case study fostering meaningful connections between drivers and riders, one ride at a time.

Project Overview

During a good part of the last decade, corporations, start-ups, small businesses and freelancers have been asking themselves, and their businesses, how to engage more openly in an honest conversation about the different ways to express gratitude in the workplace.

The brief

How might we improve the ride sharing experience to allow both drivers and riders to communicate more authentically while removing communication barriers in the fast paced shared-transportation environment?

Francesco Stumpo

Product Designer. UX/UI. Artist. Storytelling. Social Impact. Architecture.

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